Urban Chickens

IMGP0271GardenSphere has been your urban chicken expert in Tacoma for the past 9 years.  The GardenSphere staff is happy to walk you what you need to be backyard poultry farmers. We receive hatches of chicks February through August.  We also carry all of the supplies you will need to establish your flock.

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We receive hatches of chicks February through August.

Chicken Purchasing Policy

Chicks are available on a first come, first served basis.  We will be unable to “reserve” chicks for customers.  Chicks arrive on Wednesday, but will not be made available for sale until Thursday.  This allows them to recover from their travels.

We have partnered with the City of Tacoma Envirohouse to offer FREE Chickens 101 education classes.  If you would like to learn more about urban chicken keeping consider attending one of these complimentary classes*.

Upcoming Classes:

Visit the Envirohouse Classes Page!

*Classes are free.  EnviroHouse classes require registration due to limited parking.


We currently carry 3 lines of feed:

Half Moon Feeds: No soy, GMO free, about 90% organic pelletized or crumble at a great price point.  Unfortunately, Half Moon has trouble keeping us supplied.  We do not know whether it is ingredient issues, mechanical issues or otherwise.  We stand behind their feed, but be aware that there may be shortages at times.

Scratch and Peck Feeds: A whole grain feed, no soy, that is certified 100% organic and certified GMO free.  This feed is awesome, we highly recommend it.  This company is run beautifully and we can GUARANTEE this feed to be in stock.

X-Cel Feeds:  Another great pelletized option that is produced right here in Tacoma!  X-cel brings us an amazing feed, at the most superior price point.  Although due to the way the ingredients are sourced this feed can’t be certified GMO free.  

Call or email for specific pricing and shipping info.



Scratch n’ Peck Feeds

  • Starter Feed 25# – 29.99
  • Grower Feed 40# – $32.99
  • Naturally Free Layer 40# – $30.99
  • Soy Free Layer 40# – $30.99
  • Three Grain Scratch 25# – $24.99
  • Scratch n’ Corn 25# – $24.99

Half Moon Feeds

  • Layer Crumble 50# – $29.99
  • Layer Pellet 50# – $29.99

X-Cel Feeds

  • Layer Pellet 50# – $19.99
  • Layer Crumble 50# – $19.99
  • Starter Feed 25# – $19.99