About Us

store frontGardenSphere was designed and developed by a pair of brothers born and raised in Tacoma, WA.  After 14 years of business one thing has become apparent, at GardenSphere we love what we do.  We appreciate the opportunity to be your gardening headquarters.  From providing the best and most effective products, locally grown quality plants and everything an aspiring gardener or seasoned gardener would look for GardenSphere is here to help.

GardenSphere was developed on the premise that if we wouldn’t use it or buy it why should we sell it.  We offer cutting edge organic, natural products that work.  If there is no safe, natural way to tackle a task we offer the best available substitute.  Most importantly we are here for you, as a reference, for questions, for suggestions, with top notch customer care.


GardenSphere: Ensuring Your Success